Fellowships & Awards

Today’s young investigators will be tomorrow’s science leaders. This is the belief that underpins the IBSA Foundation’s backing of young investigators who day after day work with enthusiasm and dedication dividing their time between the lab and hospital wards. To them the Foundation gives a large portion of its financial support funding research which may lead to the development of the next generation treatments that satisfy people’s health needs.

As early as its first year in operation, the Foundation provided two grant awards, each worth CHF 25,000, under its fellowship program: one in dermatology and the other in rheumatology. In the following years, the Foundation stepped up its efforts under this program offering up to five awards of the same amount each. The Foundation’s fellowship program for the current year offers five grants, one for each of the following areas: Dermatology, Endocrinology, Fertility, Orthopaedics-Rheumatology, Pain Management. The grants, whose amount is unchanged at CHF 25,000 each, will be awarded to investigators under 35 years of age from any part of the world who distinguished themselves for their research work in those areas.

Fellowships are a way for the Foundation to promote and boost research in these medical disciplines by investing in the work and dedication of young investigators.

Open Fellowships

Call 2017: New IBSA Foundation Fellowships

The new IBSA Foundation Fellowship Call is open!
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Open Awards

Call 2017: EFIC - IBSA Foundation

The new European Journal of Pain Publication Award 2017 is open!
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Closed Fellowships

Winners 2016

Five young researchers have been selected by IBSA Foundation as winners of the FELLOWSHIPS IBSA 2016
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Winners 2015

Continuing to tangibly support scientific research: delivery of 2015 fellowship program grant awards
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Winners 2014

The 2014 fellowship grants have gone to three young women scientists: Chiara Chianese (Fertility), Nausicaa Mazzocchi (Pain Management) and Stephanie Decherf (Endocrinology).
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Winners 2013

Awards delivered to the first two winners of the foundation’s fellowships
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The Foundation provides financial support to awards and special projects that are consistent with its mission as well as to worthwhile hospital causes.

EFIC IBSA Foundation Publication Award 2016

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EFIC IBSA Foundation Publication Award 2015

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EFIC IBSA Foundation Publication Award 2014

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EFIC IBSA Foundation Publication Award 2013

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