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The task of art is also to highlight the limitations of our development model and the negative effects that unfortunately has sometimes produced. In this sense photography can be a very effective way to start a dialogue, without being content just to frame it”. Armin Linke.

The photographer-researcher Armin Linke, observer of the debate around the concept of Anthropocene, and attentive to the implications of this phenomenon in the scientific, political and religious fields, asks himself how to depict and imagine the future of the space in which we live. As an artist, he has been working for years on an archive of different human activities and new natural and artificial landscapes, representing situations in which the boundaries between fiction and reality are becoming more and more thin and becoming invisible. His practice questions the fruition and distribution of images and interaction with the production and exhibition context.

Last May 16, he participated in the meeting with the geologist Paolo Cortini, part of the “La Scienza a Regola d’Arte” cycle, organized by the IBSA Foundation and the Italian Art Museum of Switzerland. Here his comment on how photography can dialogue with nature.

Foto molecoleimmagine nuovo tessuto