IBSA Foundation has always believed that science fully deserves to be qualified as culture and, as such, forms part of the world of humanities: in this sense, the meeting between science and art is not only possible, but natural. The dialogue between art and science is a creative way of spreading scientific knowledge: art, in its multiple forms, is a powerful tool of communication, and is also very useful for describing scientific research. Scientists look at the world with an objective and rational eye, but there is another form of observation that is connected to the feelings, perceptions and emotions produced by artistic representations.

find below the IBSA Foundation initiatives dedicated to Art and Science

Let’s Science! is a creative project set up to converse with the city, its schools, its institutions and the media on important topics linked to healthcare and the dissemination of correct information. The project aims to bring popular science to an intergenerational audience, through the use of readily-available and multi-sensory language that unites the components of very different worlds.

With this in mind, scientific ideas can be represented through unexpected but highly expressive tools, such as, for example, art and comics, hence extending their message to a wider audience. Creativity helps to uncover knowledge, renders more complex ideas simple and immediate, and makes science fun.

The Let’s Science! initiatives are divided into workshops and exhibitions, with the participation of scientists, journalist, artists and cartoonists. The project focuses in particular on young people and their specific ways of communicating, and offers a starting point for opening up future possibilities of actively approaching and putting young people in touch with the scientific world.

The relationship between art and science is both truly complex and very simple at the same time: science and art encourage us to ask questions about the world”. (James Beacham, particle physicist)

The idea of inviting prominent representatives from seemingly distant disciplines such as Art and Science to meet, and then encouraging them to speak and exchange points of view, led to the creation of the series of meetings known as “State-of-the-art Science, which is organized by IBSA Foundation together with MASI Lugano – the Art Museum of the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland at the LAC.

An artist and a scientist speak freely in front of a large audience and compare experiences, exploring the common points and differences that characterize their respective research activities.



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