IBSA Foundation has entered into an important partnership with the National Museum of Science and Technology, named after Leonardo da Vinci, in the year celebrating the 500-year anniversary of the death of a key figure in our history. Leonardo da Vinci managed to create a dialogue between science and the humanities, while always focusing on man. This is a trait that has inspired the mission of the Foundation, which is dedicated to the promotion of correct scientific dissemination and the dialogue between Art and Science.

In the wake of the new partnership with the Museum and the enormous success of our exhibition “Dream Beasts”, inaugurated on February 19 in Milan, IBSA Foundation will be hosting Theo Jansen, the creator of the most spectacular mechanical creatures moved by the wind, on April 16 in Lugano.

The Dutch artist, who has been defined by international critics as a modern Leonardo da Vinci, creates works that stem from a careful observation of nature and are a perfect combination of how art can interpret science and make it immediately comprehensible to a wide audience.

The lecture in which Theo Jansen will tell the story of the origins of his kinetic installations, has been organized in collaboration with L’ideatorio of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) and will be held in the Aula Magna of USI at 20.30. The event is open to the general public and no translation from English will be provided.

The Dream Beasts exhibition will continue at the National Museum of Science and Technology of Milan until May 19, 2019.


Location: Aula Magna USI – Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano

Date: April 16, 2019

From 20:30


Location: Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia, Milan

Date: February 20 – May 19, 2019