What’s outside the universe?

Within the context of its partnership with the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia of Milan, IBSA Foundation will be participating in the Open Night. Buon Compleanno Museo. The event, organized by the Museum within the celebrations of the Museum’s birthday, will once again star James Beacham, the US particle physicist and researcher at CERN in Geneva.

His passion and dedication towards the spreading of scientific knowledge, as well as the common values and goals he shares with IBSA Foundation, has made Beacham the ideal testimonial for continuing along the path taken by IBSA Foundation in favor of research and the correct spreading of scientific knowledge to the general public.

On February 15, James Beacham will speak of his vision of science and scientific research, drawing from his privileged perspective as a scientist and his commitment to science. The timing of the event will be shortly available.

Is our universe the only one? According to the most advanced physics research, the biggest mysteries of science – about dark matter, the Higgs boson, black holes, the Big Bang – could be elegantly solved if our universe were one of a possibly infinite number of universes. But is this a testable scientific idea, or eternally speculative? How do we talk about what’s outside our universe? James Beacham will explore the edges of knowledge – including CERN’s plans for a colossal Future Circular Collider – and how the future of science, technology, and innovation will be wilder than we can imagine.

The collaboration between IBSA Foundation and Beacham began after the fortunate meeting that was held in November 2018 on the occasion of the conversation with German photographer Thomas Struth at LAC in Lugano. Beacham was then guest of honor at the awards ceremony of the IBSA Foundation Fellowships 2018 and in June 2019 participated in a new conversation in the State-of-the-art Science series, this time alongside artist Andrea Galvani.


Location: Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia, Milan, Sala Auditorium

Date: February, 15, 2020

Timing: shortly available

Language: English, simultaneous translation available

Free registration