Let’s Science!the creative science project, created and promoted by IBSA Foundation specially for secondary school students as a way of spreading scientific knowledge, set up in collaboration with DECS – the Department of Education, Culture and Sport of Canton Ticino – has reached its third edition this year.

A week to informally talk about science open to various disciplines, where comics become the special medium for both communicating with young people and building relations with local residents and the region. Alongside these comic-based science lessons reserved for secondary schools, IBSA Foundation will present the new series of the Let’s Science! books with an exhibition at the Limonaia of Villa Saroli.

The exhibition closes on Saturday, November 16, with a special event at the LAC open to everyone!

LET’S SCIENCE! – the exhibition

November 11-16
from 8:30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Villa Saroli, Limonaia

The exhibition presents the comics taken from the first 4 volumes of the Let’s Science! book series.

This initiative is one of the projects most valued by IBSA Foundation, which has identified comics as an effective and expressive tool for visualizing and expressing complex subjects in a more simple and comprehensible manner, suited to the specific communication requirements of the younger generations.

Free admission with registration

A SCIENTIST AMONG US – the workshops

November 11-15
Villa Saroli, Conference Hall

The aim is to provide scientific information that are correct and evidence-based, with an engaging and appealing approach towards even the most difficult of topics, using comics as an appropriate medium for meeting this goal. “A scientist among us” is the title and leitmotif of the week: 8 secondary school classes from Canton Ticino will have the opportunity to interact with the scientists that wrote the first 4 volumes presented. An experience that will help students and teachers to enter the scientific world, an area that sets itself apart for its strong vocation towards research and innovative studies. There are, in fact, many research centers in Ticino, several of which of international renown, and the soon to opened new Faculty of biomedical science at USI – Università della Svizzera italiana.

Thanks to Let’s Science!, students will be able to take a closer look at science in a different and captivating manner, and at the same time become familiar with the work of doctors and researchers. An opportunity not only to learn, but also to be guided towards future career choices.

Admission for schools only

AN ASTRONAUT AMONG US – special event

Saturday, November 16
Schedule to be defined
LAC Lugano Arte e Culture, Hall

“When kids say to me I want to be an astronaut, what should I do?, I reply that in life we have to find something that we like. We have to understand what our passions are. So, I often ask the kids: But why do you want to be an astronaut?” Paolo Nespoli (Papuzzi, 2018).

Paolo Nespoli, guest of the event “An astronaut among us” will tell anecdotes and talk about his experiences throughout his career. A unique occasion, open to the public.

Paolo Nespoli, the famous Italian astronaut, graduated with a degree in aerospace and mechanical engineering. He has a sound military background and holds the European record for time spent in the space, namely 313 days, 2 hours and 36 minutes for the VITA mission.

Free admission with registration

LET’S SCIENCE! – the book series

IBSA Foundation presents the new series of books on 10 scientific subjects created with the involvement of secondary school students in Ticino and with the collaboration of DECS (the Department of Education, Culture and Sport). Each volume is divided into two parts: in the first part, a scientist tackles a current subject related to the human body, whereas the comic inspired by this lesson is created in the second part, by experts from the Scuola Romana dei Fumetti, the eminent school of the most renowned Italian illustrators. The script – and in this lies the originality of the project – is written by students of selected secondary schools in the Canton of Ticino.

The first four volumes are:

  1. E da oggi cambio vita
    Mangiare bene… per vivere bene
    Lucilla Titta – Maria Cristina Marini
    Scuola Media of Massagno
  1. Muoviamoci!
    I benefici di una vita in movimento
    Francesco Oliva
    Scuola Media of Lugano
  1. Cuore e cervello si parlano…
    Come il cuore risponde alle nostre emozioni
    Giuseppe Vassalli
    Scuola Media of Tesserete
  1. Le onde e noi
    Cosa sappiamo sulle onde elettromagnetiche
    Andrea Danani
    Scuola Media of Caslano


LET’S SCIENCE! – the exhibition

Location: Villa Saroli, Lugano

Date: November, 11/16, 2019

Free admission with registration

AN ASTRONAUT AMONG US – special event

Location: LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, Hall

Date: November, 16, 2019

Free admission with registration




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