The forum on subclinical hypothyroidism held in Stresa, Italy, inaugurated the iBSA foundation’s commitment in endocrinology.
The two-day forum was attended by leading experts in endocrinology from all over the world. Discussions spanned a variety of topics with hypothyroidism and pregnancy being one of themes more broadly examined. Although often unrecognised, hypothyroidism can affect pregnancy in a number of ways including being a cause of infertility and increasing the risk of miscarriage. Before birth a baby is entirely dependent on the mother for thyroid hormone until the baby’s own thyroid gland can start to function. So the future mom’s thyroid gland needs to step up its activity and at times this brings about thyroid problems.
“GPs or OBs/GYNs do not often prescribe any blood tests to check the hormone levels of the patients who come to see them complaining about general malaise, fatigue, depression and difficulties in losing weight” – said Dr. Silvia Misiti, Director of the iBSA foundation. Hence the need to come together with the experts in the field in Stresa to discuss current issues and expand knowledge in this field.

The Forum has been organized with Domenico Salvatore, Department of Molecular and Clinical Endocrinology, University of Naples Federico II, Italy.


Location: Stresa, Italy

Date: May 10/12, 2013


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Carlo Alviggi, Naples.
Giuseppe Barbesino, Boston (MA), USA.
Salvatore Benvenga, Messina.
Bernadette Biondi, Naples.
Marco Cappa, Rome.
Alessandra Cassio, Bologna.
Marco Centanni, Rome.
Anna Maria Colao, Naples.
Andrea Isidori, Rome.
Andrea Lenzi, Rome.
Enrico Papini, Albano Laziale (Rome).
Alfredo Pontecorvi, Rome.
Francesco Romanelli, Rome.
Domenico Salvatore, Naples.
Massimo Tonacchera, Pisa.
Vincenzo Toscano, Rome.
Paolo Vitti, Pisa.
Giovanna Weber, Milan.