“What’s new in hypothyroidism?” is the title of the meeting held in Gubbio (Perugia), Italy, on September 28, 2013.
International endocrinology specialists came together in the small Italian town to discuss key novelties in hypothyroidism research.
“It is still a frequent occurrence that GPs do not think of a thyroid problem when their patient tells them she is not feeling well” – said Professor Paolo Vitti, Endocrinology Chief, University Hospital of Pisa, Italy, and member of the Scientific Board of the iBSA foundation. “They prescribe just routine blood tests so thyroid problems are diagnosed late. This still happens at a time when medical research is making great progress, delivering increasingly effective and personalised treatments.”
The main novelty in combating this disorder is personalised medicine. While up until recently standard treatments were used, thanks to the progress made by research, it is now possible to customise treatment to the individual patient. The meeting in Gubbio has provided a major opportunity for professionals in the field to get information on the latest discoveries in hypothyroidism, its treatment and increasingly personalised treatment approaches.

The Forum has been organized with Domenico Salvatore, Department of Molecular and Clinical Endocrinology, University of Naples Federico II, Italy.


Location: Gubbio, Italy

Date: September 27/29, 2013


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Salvatore Benvenga, Messina.
Antonio Bianco, Miami.
Marco Centanni, Rome.
Francesco Celi, Washington, DC.
Antonio Mancini, Rome.
Robin Peeters, Rotterdam.
Michela Plateroti, Lyon.
Alfredo Pontecorvi, Rome.
Domenico Salvatore, Naples.
Ferruccio Santini, Pisa.
Paolo Vitti, Pisa.
Leonard Wartofsky, Washington, DC



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