The IBSA Foundation regularly organizes high-level forums, where internationally renowned scientists are confronted with new generations of scholars. The Foundation feeds the debate among the world’s leading experts on crucial issues in the field of health and well-being science, with particular attention to the new frontier of endocrinology.

In particular, the IBSA Foundation has always dedicated specific forums to novelties in research on hypothyroidism, the relationship between metabolic diseases and tendinopathies, aspects involved in health and sexual ecology, the relationship between stress, inflammation and reproduction, addressing large attention also to nutrition and immunotherapy.

Forums represent an opportunity for students, scientists, experts and institutions to meet, discuss, share ideas and learn, in an exchange process that provides valuable insights for further research and guides the progress of knowledge.



Forum migrazioni - relatori

Scientific views on migrations

The topic of migration requires a complex interpretation that brings into play different fi­elds of...

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The new nutrition era: from molecular mechanisms to human health

Food, here are the most advanced frontiers of research to curb disease and prolong life. 

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Female Healthy Aging

The most advanced remedies to overcome disturbances and to live in good health during menopause

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Basic mechanisms of cancer immunotherapy

Thanks to the immunotherapy, today it is possible to treat forms of tumor, which until...

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New technologies to treat neurodisorders: neuroprosthetics

Pioneering prostheses that are increasingly lifelike and can feeleven the lightest touch such as a...

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The thyroid… in the periphery!

Are we on the verge of a new era in thyroid gland knowledge and understanding...

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Cancer immunology makes it to clinic: how cancer will be treated in the coming years

Immunotherapy has opened up a whole new era in cancer treatment. It works by harnessing...

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Stress, Inflammation and Reproduction

Stress has negative repercussions on the reproductive function. This is the clear conclusion emerging from...

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Sexual Health and Sexual Ecology

Medical specialists and researchers in the fields of neurobiology, psychology, obstetrics/gynecology, urology, andrology and sociology...

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Aging: is it a disease?

A hundred specialists and investigators in this medical area have discussed aging and related disorders...

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Metabolic diseases and tendinopathies: the missing link

The "Metabolic diseases and tendinopathies: the missing link" Forum, organized by IBSA Foundation in collaboration...

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Stem cell therapy: hype or hope?

Some 200 people, largely university students, researchers and medical specialists, attended the  Forum titled “Stem...

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What’s new in hypothyroidism?

“What’s new in hypothyroidism?” is the title of the meeting held in Gubbio (Perugia), Italy,...

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IBSA Foundation

Treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism in children, women and other adults

The forum on subclinical hypothyroidism held in Stresa, Italy, inaugurated the IBSA Foundation’s commitment in...

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Scientific views on migration: 11 important considerations arising from the Forum

On 13 October 2018 an original experiment was carried out in Lugano with the Forum “Scientific Views on Migration”: a current hot topic was taken and tackled from a scientific...
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Armin Linke at “La Scienza a Regola d’Arte”

"The task of art is also to highlight the limitations of our development model and the negative effects that unfortunately has sometimes produced. In this sense photography can be a...
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“The earth is 4.6 billion years old, man arrived at most 200 thousand years ago. We must realize that for our planet man is just a blink of an eye...
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