IBSA Foundation is one of the most recent products of the powerful vision of IBSA Institut Biochimique’s President, created in 2012 in Lugano, Switzerland, a country that groups together the different languages, cultures, peoples and traditions of 26 cantons. 

The Foundation therefore grows and operates in a genuine borderland, exposed to a wide range of different influences and interesting fusions. With this background, the Foundation has inherited the ability to explore scenarios that are constantly changing – a useful skill for studying the continuous evolution of the frontiers of science.

 The key mission of the IBSA Foundation is to support young students and researchers. Therefore, among its many initiatives, the Foundation promotes high-level forums in which internationally-renowned scientists meet with the new generation of scholars. It also dedicates resources to the promotion of fellowships in the various fields of basic research and commits itself to the dissemination of scientific culture through communication models that encourage dialogue.


Education, supporting research and scientific dissemination are at the heart of the activities of the Foundation, which is committed to promoting the culture of frontier science, spreading principles and knowledge, but also encouraging a greater awareness of issues related to people’s health and wellbeing.

The exponential and global dissemination of new means of digital communication and social media has increased the circulation of incorrect or superficial scientific information. However, these platforms also offer a wealth of possibilities still to be developed, in which the use of adequate interpretation tools plays a fundamental role. These days, social media represents a new frontier and the absence of barriers and borders in this area requires approaches that are open to change – with a vision that goes beyond the physical frontier of knowledge – as well as the need to focus on the goal of ensuring the dissemination of correct scientific information. In fact, it is now clear that the lack of a basic scientific culture and its effective dissemination to the general public has led to the spread of false myths and pseudoscientific beliefs, with potentially dangerous consequences for public health.


Drawing inspiration from practice, the Foundation fuels the debate among the world’s leading experts on crucial issues in the field of health and wellbeing, focusing particular attention on the new frontier of endocrinology. Today, the study of the endocrine system and the molecular mechanisms behind it, play a very important role in dealing with the challenges that our society has to face in the medical field, from obesity to diabetes, from reproduction to aging.

To this end, over the years the IBSA Foundation has dedicated scientific forums linked to innovation in research into hypothyroidism, the relationship between metabolic diseases and tendinopathies, aspects related to sexual health and ecology, and the relationship between stress, inflammation and reproduction, with a special focus also on nutrition and immunotherapy.

In order to engage with the different segments of the public (from children and young people to adults), the Foundation also explores different forms of language in order to express medical and scientific content, with the use of tools such as art, music and comics.


The Foundation, like the company from which it was created, is committed to social and environmental responsibility with the aim – within the individual fields in which it operates – of collaborating, exchanging information and knowledge, experimenting with new languages of communication and supporting research.

Its goal is to promote the widespread and radical dissemination of education in the sciences in the various target groups.

The path chosen by the Foundation to encourage the dissemination of a culture that is aware of science and the multiple uses that it offers in everyday life, also protects the land in which it operates, with the promotion of events that strictly comply with scientific sources, using a language that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their different educational backgrounds and interests, as well as other initiatives aimed at the spreading of scientific research, and its developments and specific applications in the field of technology.

All activities of the Foundation are designed to fully respect ethical, social and environmental sustainability.