In addition to the creation and continuation of the successful cycle of “State-of-the-art Science”, the partnership with the Museum of Art of Italian Switzerland (MASI) has increased and IBSA Foundation has become “Scientific Partner” of the Museum, supporting it in the realization of new activities linked to the intersection between science and art and for specific exhibition projects, to the full advantage of the community and the Ticino territory.

IBSA Foundation has always believed that science deserves its full qualification as a culture and, as such, is part of the world of humanistic disciplines: in this sense, the encounter between science and art is not only possible but natural.


As part of a broad project of collaboration and support undertaken with USI (University of Lugano), the IBSA Foundation has activated a Scholarship program. The agreement signed with Usi has a duration of 10 years and provides for the award of 10 new scholarships a year for students studying Biomedicine, in addition to their renewal if the awarded students are in compliance with the exams.

Within the collaboration, the IBSA Foundation also supports the PhD in Cancer Biology and Oncology and the courses of the Center of Advanced Studies on Entrepreneurship in Biomedicine (CASE BioMed), which complete the medical and scientific training proposed by the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences through training programs continues (BioBusiness and MedTech Business). These programs offer young companies active in the biotechnology and medical technologies field the knowledge and skills needed to develop, finance and market innovations in the biomedical field. Click here for more information.


IBSA Foundation has chosen to enter into an important partnership with Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci in Milan. This partnership is developing through a series of activities that will be held throughout the year, more details on which can be found in the Events section of this website.

The collaboration has been established in the year that celebrates 500 years from the death of Leonardo da Vinci, a key figure that managed to create a dialogue between science and the humanities, while always focusing on man. This is a trait that has inspired the mission of the Foundation, which is dedicated to the promotion of correct scientific dissemination and the dialogue between Art and Science.


The IBSA Foundation collaborates with the European Pain Federation (EFIC), rewarding researchers under the age of 40 who published the best original articles in the Pain Research or Pain Medicine area on the European Journal of Pain. The two publication prizes awarded each year are CHF 2,500 each.



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