In Let's Science

…there is an historic link between comics and immunology: in a story at the beginning of the 1960s, the legendary Flash Gordon becomes seriously ill and is saved by a drug that comes from another planet. The mysterious substance is called Interferon: and this is exact name that was given to the first antiviral developed by scientific research.

…the first comic dates back probably to 1827, when the Swiss illustrator Rodolphe Topffer created a story made up of a series of images with captions.

Topffer was also the first to set out precise rules on the new art and established what an illustration needs in order to become a comic: there must be two images linked to one another and lots of cartoons that as a whole tell a story, maintaining a certain balance with the words.

Since then the comic has enjoyed growing success and has shown itself to be a tool with enormous expressive potential, with can be used to tell the story of anything. Even science!

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