The thyroid “switches on” the color-sensing cells in the eye

In order to understand how the cells that enable us to perceive color are created, researchers from Baltimore created an organoid of the eye: they grew stem cells in the lab, differentiating them [...]

At least 133 different types of cells in the brain

How many different types of cells are there in the brain?  An interesting response was given to this difficult question in the long-term work conducted over 15 years by the Allen Institute for [...]

The immune system helps tattoos to resister

How do tattoos remain for decades on the skin, while the cells that “contain” them (which hold the colored pigments) have a much shorter life and die? Researchers have been searching [...]

Stem cell therapy: hype or hope?

Some 200 people, largely university students, researchers and medical specialists, attended the  Forum titled “Stem cell therapy: hype or hope?” held at the Auditorium of Università della [...]