The IBSA Foundation researchers: Ruth speaking

Her name is Ruth Egbe and studies how to develop effective pain relief after surgery. His research will be useful to alleviate the post-operative course for patients after the wisdom tooth [...]

The IBSA Foundation researchers: Mauro speaking

His name is Mauro Cozzolino and he studies are focused on fertility. His research aims at stimulating the “dormant” follicles left in the ovarian reserve that can be recovered to produce [...]

The IBSA Foundation researchers: Carlotta speaking

Her name is Carlotta Perucca Orfei and her project aims to study the potential of therapies based on the use of secretoma of mesenchymal cells for the treatment of chronic tendinopathies. Her [...]

The IBSA Foundation researchers: Fabio speaking

His name is Fabio Maino and he is specialised in endocrinology. His research si focused on a new therapy combining T3 and T4 hormones aimed at resolving the symptoms of hypothyroidism. This could [...]

The IBSA Foundation researchers: Daniela speaking

Her name is Daniela Gnani and he studies epigenetics, a branch of molecular biology that investigates genetic mutations and the transmission of inherited traits not directly attributable to the [...]

Fellowships 2017: winners

Daniela Gnani, Fabio Maino, Carlotta Perucchi Orfei, Mauro Cozzolino, Ruth Egbe: the five researchers, coming from as many excellent research centers, will each receive a check worth 25,000 Swiss [...]