Let’s Science: scientific meetings in Lugano

Let’s Science!, the creative project promoted by IBSA Foundation in collaboration with DECS, the Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Canton of Ticino, designed to converse with the [...]

Perhaps not everyone knows that…

There is an historic link between comics and immunology: in a story at the beginning of the 1960s, the legendary Flash Gordon becomes seriously ill.

Fake news is as old as time

Fake news is as old as time and dates back to well before the Internet.

Telling the story of science through comics

How can you tell the story of science through comics?

LET’S SCIENCE: 8 common sense rules for surviving fake news on the internet.

According to the scientific journalist Gianluca Dotti, a specialist in uncovering scientific fake news, there are several precautions that we should take every time that we encounter a piece of [...]

Let’s Science! Comics, meetings and insights in Milan

On January 10th, Let's Science! was inaugurated in Milan. This creative project was created by the IBSA Foundation and designed to converse with the city, institutions and the media on the great [...]

The prizegiving of the contest “Bufale in rete: come riconoscerle!”

As part of the #BastaBufale (#StopHoaxes) meeting organized by the Chamber of Deputies, the prizegiving of the winning classes of the contest “Bufale in rete: come riconoscerle!” (“Hoaxes on the [...]