“Non-thermal plasma” kills airborne viruses

Ninety-nine percent of airborne viruses can be eliminated if they are exposed to a bombardment of ions and highly-reactive molecule fragments.

Schizophrenia already starts in the womb

Researchers from the US have managed to identify more than 400 genes, the variants of which are associated with schizophrenia.

New laser for “detecting” radioactive objects

Thanks to an innovative technique developed in the USA, it will be easier to detect radioactivity in wide and crowded areas.

How we can “see” the hidden parts of the brain

Discovering the composition of the indecipherable areas of the brain could soon be possible, thanks to diattenuation imaging.

Pill inspired by the pufferfish to monitor the stomach

Researchers from the MIT of Boston have been inspired by the biological mechanisms of the pufferfish to create a certain type of pill for diagnostic and curative purposes.

Viruses that will be transmitted from animals to humans

The spill-over, i.e. the transmitting of a virus from one species to the other (in particular, from an animal species to humans), is one of the phenomena most feared by the health authorities, [...]

Microalgae to carry drugs inside our bodies

For some time bioengineers all over the world have been trying to find a way to deliver drugs to desired points inside our bodies, and to these points only (without damaging surrounding tissue) - [...]

And that is how the ear can “regenerate” hearing

A study conducted by researchers from the Universities of Rochdale and Harvard (USA) is offering new hope to people that have lost their hearing following the deterioration of the sensory hair [...]

The map of microbial “dark matter”

In additional to cosmic dark matter, there is also another kind of dark matter that surrounds each and every one of us: that made up of bacteria and micro-organisms outside the human body.

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