The importance of spreading scientific knowledge

An abstract of the speech held by James Beacham during the prize-giving ceremony of the IBSA Fellowships 2018.

Fighting Parkinson’s by injecting a protein into the brain

A new pioneering study has given hope to people suffering from Parkinson’s disease and from illnesses in which nerve cells die or do not work as they should.

At least 133 different types of cells in the brain

How many different types of cells are there in the brain?  An interesting response was given to this difficult question in the long-term work conducted over 15 years by the Allen Institute for [...]

8.000 new antibiotic combinations to fight bacteria

Pending the discovery of completely new antibiotics, a study has emerged from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA, United States) that could offer an effective – and sometimes very [...]

New “strategy” for repairing spinal cord injuries

A study set up from the collaboration between the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne and the University of California, Los Angeles campus, has led to a result that could represent a [...]

“Revolution” for the universal flu vaccine

We are getting closer to the possibility of creating a universal vaccine against all (or almost all) the possible forms of influenza, without the need to “chase” the variants of the virus every [...]

Ultra-thin nervous “tissue” for treating eye problems

There is new hope in the treatment of serious eye diseases thanks to a new type of artificial retina developed by researchers in the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Department of [...]

Does antitubercular vaccine work against diabetes?

An old tuberculosis vaccine, developed in the 20s of the last century by the bacteriologist Albert Calmette and the vet Camille Guérin (both French researchers at the Pasteur Institute of Lille), [...]

Within marine sponges new antibacterial substances

The solution to one of the big issues of world health, i.e. the growing resistance to antibiotics by many types of bacteria, may also come from the sea and, specifically, from sponges. [...]

New gene therapy to restore hand function

A new hope for recovery of hands functionality after a spinal cord injury comes from researchers at King’s College London, who have described in the journal Brain the good results obtained [...]

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