Scientific views on migrations

The topic of migration requires a complex interpretation that brings into play different fi­elds of knowledge, from history to anthropology, from palaeontology to law. And this indeed was the [...]

Female Healthy Aging

The most advanced remedies to overcome disturbances and to live in good health during menopause

Basic mechanisms of cancer immunotherapy

Thanks to the immunotherapy, today it is possible to treat forms of tumor, which until recently were difficult to take care of with classic therapies (chemotherapy and radiotherapy), in a more [...]

New technologies to treat neurodisorders: neuroprosthetics

Pioneering prostheses that are increasingly lifelike and can feeleven the lightest touch such as a caress are going to dramatically improve quality of life for millions of patients, as are new [...]

The thyroid… in the periphery!

Are we on the verge of a new era in thyroid gland knowledge and understanding its potential for treatment of diseases? Developments brought about by research are providing highly promising [...]

Stress, Inflammation and Reproduction

Stress has negative repercussions on the reproductive function. This is the clear conclusion emerging from the international Forum titled ‘Stress, Inflammation and Reproduction’ organised by the [...]

Sexual Health and Sexual Ecology

Medical specialists and researchers in the fields of neurobiology, psychology, obstetrics/gynecology, urology, andrology and sociology were brought together for an-depth discussion of the various [...]

Aging: is it a disease?

A hundred specialists and investigators in this medical area have discussed aging and related disorders on occasion of the Forum titled “Aging: is it a disease?” organised by the IBSA Foundation [...]

Metabolic diseases and tendinopathies: the missing link

The "Metabolic diseases and tendinopathies: the missing link" Forum, organized by IBSA Foundation in collaboration with ISMULT, was held on Saturday 21 June 2014 at the Auditorium of the [...]

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