Avalanches, electronic mini-sensor for finding people

A very small electronic sensor developed by engineers in the ETH in Zurich can effectively help rescuers searching for people trapped under avalanches or under collapsed housing following an [...]

A resonance glove to “see” hand problems

A special glove that, literally, sees the tendons, muscles and ligaments of the hand moving and interacting with bones: the prototype, developed by researchers from the New York University School [...]

Mini 3D printer creates electronic circuits directly on the skin

The evolution of the 3D printer is an object that, according to its inventor, Michael McAlpine of the University ofl Minnesota (USA), can fit in your pocket like a Swiss army knife and, if [...]

Chip implants for monitoring blood alcohol levels

People who are trying to combat alcohol addiction will be able to find help with a chip created by bioengineers at the  University of California in the United States. The experimental prototype [...]

Can artificial intelligence become depressed?

Can even artificial intelligence suffer from depression, or experience hallucinations, like the human brain? The question is much less odd than it might seem, according to Zachary Mainen, a [...]

Robotic belts for treating scoliosis

Congenital deformities of the spine, like idiopathic scoliosis and pathologic kyphosis, will be able to be corrected in a personalized and more efficient way thanks to a flexible robotic [...]

Computers? As good as humans in creating new molecules

We hear more and more talk about artificial intelligence (AI), and sometimes with concern, for the fear that this type of technology could undermine the human capacity for achievement or even [...]

New liquid crystal screens as thin as paper

Optoelectronic engineers from the universities of Hong Kong and Shanghai have succeeded in creating a special liquid crystal display (LCD) which is paper-thin, flexible, light, durable and very [...]