How can you tell the story of science through comics? Science, as we know, is complicated. However, its message is translatable: if we manage to place a scientific concept within a significant story, it can be understood, the job is done! And this is where comics come in. All you have to do is respect a few simple rules:

  1. there must be a story to tell
  2. there must be a balance between the images and the words
  3. each image must be connected to the next one

The final result of this mix is surprising. Creativity helps knowledge to be unveiled, making science fun.

Copywriter since 1988, he began his career in De Agostini, and then chose to continue as a freelancer. Graduated in Philosophy, he is currently also a professor of Web Marketing at the Federlegno Training Center. As a communication consultant, he has been working for many clients for many years, including some large international groups. In 2012 he opened the personal blog “Mela N” where he deals with topics related to Writing, Communication, Content Marketing and Storytelling. He oversaw the design of the IBSA Foundation blog.