IBSA Foundation provides financial support for awards and special projects that are consistent with its mission. This includes scholarships, which are a concrete and direct way to promote scientific research in specific fields of medical discipline: Dermatology, Endocrinology, Fertility/Urology, Pain Medicine/Orthopedics/Rheumatology.

Each year the Foundation awards 4 scholarships, each for € 30,000, to young researchers under the age of 40, from Universities and Institutes from any part of the world, who have stood out for their skills and who are carrying out particularly relevant projects in these specific areas of research.

We believe it is vitally important to value the work and dedication of young and brilliant scientists, and we support them with conviction, investing in their enthusiasm and talent, which will lead them to be the leaders of research in the future.



The research projects that IBSA Foundation will support in 2019

On March 28, in Milan, IBSA Foundation has awarded the four winners of the 2018...

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Fellowships 2017: winners

Daniela Gnani, Fabio Maino, Carlotta Perucchi Orfei, Mauro Cozzolino, Ruth Egbe: the five researchers, coming...

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Fellowships 2016: winners

Five young researchers have been selected by IBSA Foundation as winners of the Fellowships IBSA...

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Fellowships 2015: winners

A bridge between young scientists’ ideas and their realization through projects. This is the opportunity...

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Fellowships 2014: winners

The 2014 fellowship grants have gone to three young women scientists: Chiara Chianese (Fertility), Nausicaa Mazzocchi (Pain Management) and Stephanie...

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Fellowships 2013: winners

Anna Scanu (rheumatology) and Jingjing Chen (dermatology) are the first in what hopefully over the years will become...

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The importance of spreading scientific knowledge

These days our world is full of misconceptions. Think of flat earthers, for example. If phenomena like this occur, if there is no longer any difference between science and science...
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Cancer prevention through diet and lifestyle

During the LET’S SCIENCE! event held on November 17, 2018, the nutritionist Lucilla Titta, the scientist Adriana Albini and the oncologist Maria Cristina Marini took part in a round table, moderated...
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arte scienza 2018

State-of-the-art science: making invisible things visible

On 18 October 2018 the photographer Thomas Struth and the physicist James Beacham had a conversation at the LAC in Lugano that touched on a series of important issues: the...
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