On September 21, 2016 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, the opening ceremony of the first “EFIC Topical Symposium on acute and Joint Pain” featured the delivery of two EFIC® – IBSA Foundation – European Journal of Pain Publication Awards for 2015.
We interviewed the two winners, who received a €2,500 prize each from the IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research for their article published in the European Journal of Pain in 2015: Ms. Elisa Carlino who won the award for her publication titled “Role of explicit verbal information in conditioned analgesia” and Mr. Mikkel Gram who won the award for his publication titled “Machine learning on encephalographic activity may predict opioid analgesia”.

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“Role of explicit verbal information in conditioned analgesia”
Carlino E, Torta DM, Piedimonte A, Frisaldi E, Vighetti S, Benedetti F.

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