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Cultura e salute

This project aims to promote initiatives and synergies between the worlds of culture and health, in particular with a university course in the school year 2023-24 entitled 'Words that Heal', and various forums and conferences open to the public. 

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Art and Science

The Art and Science projects aim to raise public awareness of the relationship between art, science, technology and research. In particular, we propose SciArt in collaboration with LAC and MASI in Lugano, and Digital Aesthetics in collaboration with MUST in Milan.

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Let's Science!

Let's Science! is a multi-sensory creative path of science dissemination that through experiential labs and comics dialogues with schools and institutions on health issues. In 2023 the theme #digitalOnOff was proposed

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Approximately two study days per year are organised, where internationally renowned scientists meet with new generations of researchers and enthusiasts in the field of science and health.

The last forum, held in Lugano on 17 and 18 June 2024, was Happiness Forum Lugano.

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Parole Fertili (Fertile Words)

Established in 2016, Fertile Words is a digital story sharing publishing project dedicated to sharing stories about the journey of finding a child.

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Ticino Scienza

Ticino Scienza is an online journal edited by the IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research, with the aim of providing information on the intense research activity, both public and private, in the canton of Ticino.

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Archived projects

All completed IBSA Foundation projects. 

2017-2022La scienza a regola d'arte

A series of conversations between scientists and artists, designed to promote communication between disciplines as seemingly distant as Art and Science. Organised in conjunction with MASI Lugano.

Marzo - Maggio 2021Lingua Madre

"Lingua Madre - capsule per il futuro" is a project with very innovative content, it covers three macro thematic areas: Body, Language and Rite. Within the vast programme is a cycle of four conferences to address the problem of language from different points of view.