Cultura e Salute

The Cultura e Salute (meaning Culture and Health) project was conceived as part of a three-year partnership with the Culture Division of Lugano city council. Its aim is to harness existing opportunities for using the arts to support treatment, a goal it achieves by nurturing and promoting knowledge, research and implementation. 

A long-term policy is achieved by strengthening ties and mechanisms for cooperation between culture, welfare and healthcare sectors, thereby improving people’s quality of life. 


Il progetto è patrocinato dalla Città di Lugano, Fondazione IBSA e USI. L’obiettivo è quello di approfondire temi scientifici attraverso i diversi linguaggi artistici ma anche quello di sostenere tutti le istituzioni e le persone che operano in ambito culturale.

The project involves various activities:

 University Course

In conjunction with USI’s Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, the IBSA Foundation has initiated Switzerland’s first “Cultura e Salute” course. This is aimed at students of the Master’s programme, and is open to those enrolled in the faculties of Biomedical Science, Communication, culture and society.


Competence Centre

Creation of a competence centre within the IBSA Foundation dedicated to Cultura e Salute, to promote a greater understanding of the effects which culture can have on people’s health and wellbeing.


Web portal

Creation of information portal, due to be launched in three languages by the end of 2021.


 National forum 

Switzerland’s first forum on the theme, entitled “Cultura e Salute - alliance for a sustainable future”, due to take place in Lugano on 26-27 November, 2021.


Support fund

A fund to support activities and projects, set up thanks to a partnership between culture and care organisations in healthcare facilities.


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