Book series

Let's Science!

Let’s Science! is the new series of books focusing on 10 scientific subjects and is being created by IBSA Foundation with the collaboration of DECS (the Department of Education, Culture and Sport) and with the involvement of secondary school students in Ticino.

Each book is divided into two parts: in the first part, a scientist tackles a current scientific subject related to the human body. The second part is a comic strip that tells a story based on the subject tackled by the scientist: the script is written by students and the illustrations are created by experts from the Scuola Romana dei Fumetti.

You can download the books by clicking on the images below.

The book series is now available in German. Download for free the first ten volumes (below).

The book series is now available in French. Download for free the first ten volumes (below).

I ragazzi di Pasteur

The book series “I ragazzi di Pasteur”, published by Carocci Editore, was created through the collaboration between the IBSA Foundation and the Pasteur Italia Institute, and is aimed at secondary school students

Students are not only the recipients of the initiative but also the true authors. In fact, the first part of the volumes propose a scientific text edited by a teacher expert on the subject, whereas the second part is a comic book on the same theme created by the Roman School of Comics based on a script written by a class of students.

You can download the books by clicking on the images below (text in Italian only).

The following book is also available in English.
Download it for free.

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