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Paolo Rossi Castelli18 Jul 20242 min read

A 3D printer to create food from waste and insect ingredients

From Singapore University a cutting-edge 3D printer that can create good and healthy food using a very diverse selection of ingredients as well as waste.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli04 Jul 20243 min read

Pancreatic cancer: searching for signals for early detection

Artificial intelligence combined with DNA studies reveals precancerous lesions that are invisible to traditional techniques.
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Editorial IBSA27 Jun 20245 min read

Funding scientific research: IBSA Foundation supports young talents

Research is challenging but full of opportunities. That's why IBSA Foundation continues to support young researchers through the Fellowship project.
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Catterina Seia27 Jun 20244 min read

The power of sound passes into the coma state

Anxiety can be ‘acoustically modulated’ in neuro-intensive care patients: a high-impact interdisciplinary research pathway.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli22 Jun 20242 min read

Magnetic resonance imaging: enhancing the experience with a motion sensor

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing have produced an innovative sensor for MRI scan.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli05 Jun 20242 min read

Alcohol: gel invented that reduces damage

Researchers at ETH Zurich have created a gel that could reduce the damage caused by alcohol abuse
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Catterina Seia29 May 20246 min read

Community resources for the health of everyone

Il concetto di salute comprende anche il benessere mentale e sociale. Dall’OMS alcuni consigli per creare contesti salutogenici e fare comunità.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli23 May 20243 min read

Chemotherapy: the right amount of the drug is decided by an algorithm in real time

CLAUDIA: new device for dosing chemotherapy drugs has been developed by MIT in Boston.
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Editorial IBSA18 May 20246 min read

The role of museums today, yesterday and tomorrow

Museums: from temples devoted to the preservation of treasures to living spaces where it is possible to understand the world and improve society.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli10 May 20243 min read

Parkinson's Disease: Early diagnosis using an eye exam

Researchers at the University of the Basque Country have noticed a correlation between Parkinson's and retinal thinning.
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Catterina Seia30 Apr 20246 min read

Flourishing through the arts

By cultivating affectivity and positivity and unlocking our potential, we can flourish as individuals and as a society.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli24 Apr 20242 min read

Preventative diabetes damages with hi-tech sock

Researchers at National University Hospital have devised a sock that has a sensor that can assess foot damage from diabetes in advance.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli11 Apr 20243 min read

A sticking plaster to restore the power of speech to those who have lost their voice

The University of California have developed a sticking plaster that is capable of transforming the signals generated by the vocal cords into words.
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Editorial IBSA04 Apr 20248 min read

Smartphone addiction: the fine line between necessity and obsession among young people

Excessive smartphone use is emerging as a new form of addiction among young people, making digital education increasingly necessary.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli28 Mar 20242 min read

‘Organoids’ for monitoring fetal health

A University College London study shows how fetal cells in amniotic fluid can be captured to study neonatal pathologies
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Catterina Seia27 Mar 20247 min read

Children, nature and animals: a guide to fostering empathy and sustainable development

There are several studies that affirm the importance of nature education for girls and boys. How to educate with and about nature?
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Editorial IBSA20 Mar 20245 min read

How to be happy in the age of social media

Wellbeing and social media: a complex duo that merits further analysis. We explore how the digital world affects self-esteem and mental balance in young people.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli14 Mar 20242 min read

New prospects for diabetes prevention: the benefits of red light

According to a study by City University of London, red light can reduce glucose spikes and blood glucose levels helping to prevent and treat diabetes.
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