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Paolo Rossi Castelli30 Nov 20233 min read

Osteoarthritis, cartilage transplantation works

The University of Basel has developed a technique to treat knee arthrosis: in the near future we can say goodbye to prostheses!
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Catterina Seia28 Nov 20237 min read

The power of reading aloud in the cognitive and emotional development of children

Reading aloud promotes equity and cognitive development. Among teachers, it enhances intellectual growth. Projects in Italy and around the world highlight its ...
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Paolo Rossi Castelli23 Nov 20232 min read

Standing ovation for the life-extending oncology breakthrough

Standing ovation for Thomas Powles, oncologist who combined two therapies doubling the survival of patients with severe forms of the disease.
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Giacinto Di Pietrantonio21 Nov 20233 min read

TOUCH: art at your fingertips

What role does the human touch have in digital art? A reflection on the digital world and virtual reality, which are not so far away from us after all!
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Paolo Rossi Castelli16 Nov 20232 min read

A high-tech patch to detect ‘signs’ of diseases in sweat

Bioengineers have developed an advanced device with nanoparticle microelectrodes to stably measure glucose concentration.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli09 Nov 20232 min read

An eye implant to treat diabetes

Swedish researchers have created a device, containing pancreas cells, to be inserted between the cornea and iris of the eye.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli02 Nov 20232 min read

3D tissue to repair brain injuries

A sort of biological tissue created through a 3D printer could be able to replace damaged tissue in the laboratory.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli26 Oct 20233 min read

A revolutionary technique for diagnosing cancer has been discovered

An ultraprecise test has been created by an alliance of oncology research institutes, that reveals a protein in blood tumors in diagnoses.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli19 Oct 20232 min read

Gold tattoos on cells to monitor them

Researchers have successfully placed nanometer dots and wires on cells, which in the future will be able to connect to devices that can prevent and treat ...
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Catterina Seia17 Oct 20237 min read

The new words of Health

Words play a key role in shaping our world. And they’re vital for our health too. That’s why the WHO has compiled a proper glossary of health terms.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli13 Oct 20233 min read

A "ChatGPT" to read the inside of the eye

Created an artificial intelligence system capable of diagnosing numerous diseases (hypertension, Parkinson's, and others) by examining the retina.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli05 Oct 20233 min read

Brain activity, even during cardiac arrest

Patients who remained in cardiac arrest for as long as an hour showed signs of brain activity as doctors attempted to resuscitate them.
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Giacinto Di Pietrantonio04 Oct 20235 min read

panGenerator – The Wall of Sound

"The Wall of Sound" by PanGenerator transforms human voices into interactive art: music, through geometric microphones that reflect our chaotic world.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli28 Sep 20232 min read

“Inverse” vaccine against autoimmune diseases

A particular type of vaccine prompts immune system cells-which mistakenly attack healthy tissues-to forget such reactivity.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli22 Sep 20232 min read

Embryos from Stem Cells, to study the health of the foetus

Researchers have developed a human embryo using only stem cells, this offers new insights into the early stages of embryonic development.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli14 Sep 20233 min read

Xenotransplantation: first a heart and now a kidney

Experiment on a clinically dead man. Implanted the kidney of a genetically modified pig. Rejection did not occur in the first 32 days.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli07 Sep 20232 min read

Deep brain stimulation for stroke rehabilitation

Experimentation on 12 patients with a hemiparesis. Thin electrodes inserted into the cerebellum improved the effects of rehabilitation.
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Catterina Seia29 Aug 20237 min read

Motherhood. Relieving postpartum depression with song

Pregnancy is one of the highest periods in a woman's life, however, it is sometimes exhausting, and becomes the cause of postpartum depression.
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