Paolo Rossi Castelli 29 September 2022 15 min

Cyborg-beetles from Japan

Part-insect and part-robot, they can be used to carry out reconnaissance in inaccessible and dangers areas. They are powered by mini-photovoltaic panels.
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Catterina Seia 27 September 2022 12 min

Narrative medicine: from theory to clinical practice

Narrative medicine is becoming increasingly relevant among researchers and clinicians. Several projects and associations are offering new perspectives.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 22 September 2022 17 min

Doppelgangers don’t just look alike

Doppelgangers not only share a common appearance, but also certain genetic variants that influence other biological parameters and behaviour.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 15 September 2022 19 min

Psychedelic drugs against alcohol abuse

The use of psilocybin (similar to LSD) under medical supervision, combined with psychotherapy, reduced alcohol abuse by 83%.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 8 September 2022 19 min

A new monoclonal antibody to fight malaria

A monoclonal antibody has been developed that is easy to administer and very effective in preventing malaria. Find out more in this blog article.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 1 September 2022 19 min

Serotonin and depression: are they linked?

A large review study published on Molecular Psychiatry, downplays the link between serotonin and depression. Will treatments also have to be revised?
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Catterina Seia 30 August 2022 14 min

Born in Music

Various international studies show the beneficial effects of listening to music during pregnancy for both mother and foetus.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 25 August 2022 18 min

An innovative pain therapy is on the way

A new technique to erase pain: nerve cooling. A thin strip inserted around the nerves, radically lowers the temperature and curbs painful stimuli.
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Stefano Santarelli 11 August 2022 20 min

The Art of Comics Part II: The Script

The script in comics plays an even more vital role than in cinema because the creation of the work does not have the input of a director
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 4 August 2022 19 min

From pig to man, is xenotransplantation on the way?

In the coming months the US FDA will decide whether to allow the large-scale experimental transplantation of pig hearts that are genetically modified.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 28 July 2022 19 min

Carbon monoxide foam as a cure for the intestine

A new alternative therapy appears to treat the intestine. It is a drug based on molecular cuisine techniques that reduces intestinal inflammation.
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Catterina Seia 26 July 2022 19 min

How to fight anxiety without drugs with 'social prescribing'

An increasing number of countries are fast-tracking policies to offer practical and emotional support to people through cultural participation.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 21 July 2022 6 min

Life on Mars: new studies on microorganisms in the Canadian Arctic

Identified life forms capable of surviving conditions probably similar to those of life on Mars. They breathe methane and feed only on inorganic material.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 14 July 2022 19 min

A uterus transplant: the technique works

Ten years after the first operation, also followed by IVF, Swedish doctors have seen positive results. However, some ethical issues remain.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 7 July 2022 20 min

Viruses as ‘antibiotics’- tests are positive

Some patients suffering from severe bacterial infections were treated with viruses, called phages, that identified the bacteria and annihilated them.
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Giacinto Di Pietrantonio 6 July 2022 17 min

NFT: a New and Fascinating Trend

NFTs are increasingly becoming a part of popular culture and an art form involving various fields like business, music, science and sports.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 30 June 2022 18 min

Liver transplants are ok even with ‘rejected’ organs

A liver rejected by specialised centres has been ‘reconditioned’ using a special technique and transplanted. The patient who received it is doing well.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 23 June 2022 19 min

The heart: a pacemaker that can be reabsorbed

A highly innovative prototype controlled and powered wirelessly by a network of sensors in special patches has been created at Northwestern University.
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