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Editorial IBSA21 Dec 20232 min read

Graduation of the Class of 2017 from the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences at USI

We are delighted to congratulate the brilliant new graduates Class of 2017, the undisputed protagonists of an academic journey that began six years ago at USI - Università della Svizzera italiana. They were the pioneers of the newly founded Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and the related Master Medical School (Master in Medicine), which was approved by the Grand Council of the Canton of Ticino on 24 November 2015.

The celebration of the Master of Medicine, held in USI's Aula Magna, was attended by key academic figures including Rector Luisa Lambertini, Dean Giovanni Pedrazzini and graduating students. The ceremony took place in the presence of leading figures from the artistic and cultural world: Daniele Finzi Pasca, Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis, the Director of IBSA Foundation, Silvia Misiti and the President and CEO of IBSA Group Dr. Arturo Licenziati.

With the conclusion of this first cycle of degrees, the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences not only represents an academic milestone, but also a catalyst for social and economic change for the entire Canton of Ticino.  
It is a project that the IBSA Foundation has believed in from the very beginning, in 2017; committing to a ten-year project and guaranteeing the provision of annual renewable scholarships as an encouraging contribution to university studies in medicine.

In Dr Licenziati's vision, those who have received much from life must give some of that treasure back to the community. And this project, with its mission to promote knowledge and innovation, perfectly embodies this spirit of restitution. 

The faculty, with its Master's degree in Medicine, has established itself as a point of reference in the Canton for biomedical studies, acting as an attraction for the region's promising minds and for all the students from the various universities in Switzerland, actively contributing to the development of innovative processes south of the Gotthard and representing a tangible response to the problem of youth emigration and the shortage of medical professionals in the area.


IBSA Foundation Best Master Student 2023

On the occasion of the Graduation Ceremony, the IBSA Foundation Best Master Student 2023 was awarded to Jan Affolter, as a prize for excellence in the examination results of the clinical semesters, considering the overall score obtained in the two-year study period.

It was a moment of celebration, of remembrance, but also of reflection: we look to the future with confidence, knowing that these young graduates represent the promise of further achievements, scientific breakthroughs and an invaluable contribution to the social fabric of our community. 

Good luck, Class of 2017!

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Credits: Foto di Chiara Micci / Garbani


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