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Editorial IBSA20 Nov 20232 min read

Museum Tour

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In German-speaking Switzerland, a new Let's Science! initiative is underway.
IBSA Foundation for scientific research proudly presents the innovative Scientific Museum Tour project, granting secondary school classes the opportunity to take part in museum workshops for free. The students can explore science in a different way and profit on multiple levels from the experience.

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Who is the initiative aimed at?

The program is aimed at 10 classes from German speaking Switzerland, specifically it is intended for first, second and third classes of secondary schooI or the age group of 13 to 15.

muscoletto_letsscienceWhat to expect from the Scientific Museum Tour?

The project involves six different museums and eleven workshops to choose from, where students can explore topics discussed during class hours or on study books, in line with Curriculum 21. 
After the workshop, the students can record what they have learned in drawings. IBSA Foundation will offer «Let's Science!» books and a set of drawing materials (paper pad, pens, templates).

This does not only aim at illustrating what was learned but helping to memorize.
In this way, a subject can be explored from all angles.
Practically in the museum tour, theoretically on the books, and in the comic course as a personal visualization.

tumore_lestscienceWhat's included?

Goodie-bags with the books from the series of «Let’s Science!» and a comic coloring book
A set of drawing material (paperblock, pencils, etc.).

Which museums will be involved?

  1. Cartoonmuseum, Basel
    - Face drawing for dummies
  2. Anatomisches Museum, Basel
    - Blood vessel preservation (corrosion technique)
  3. Museum of Communication, Bern
    - Data on the web – a look behind the click
  4. Kulturama – Museum of Mankind, Zürich
    - Right in the middle of the heart 
    - From the fertilized egg to the baby 
    - Bones and skeletons
    - How we learn
    - Our senses
  5. Mühlerama, Museum of Food Culture, Zürich
    - Sugar is everywhere - a sweet treat?  
  6. Technorama, Winterthur
    - Radioactivity in everyday life - Natural radiation 
    - The nature of light - wave-particle duality

Details of all workshops can be found in this document.

What does Museum Tour aim to achieve?

  • Increase young people's awareness of their health and initiate discussions on health topics
  • Improve self-management thanks to more understanding of the body's processes
  • Encourage interest in STEM subjects
  • Discover the learning method of drawing and visualizing
  • Make science more accessible through comics
  • Help students to learn about different careers

An opportunity to learn whilst having fun

Museums offer a lot of engaging activities. There are adventure tours and workshops to discover. Especially at scientific museums many exhibits are interactive. 
With the combination of seeing, hearing and exploring with their hands, students memorize scientific knowledge in a playful way and therefore with a much easier approach. With this initiative, IBSA Foundation for scientific research wishes to raise interest in the topics, in science in general and in exploring new forms of learning.

How to participate 

Fill the form below to get more information.
You will be soon contacted by our referee Katalin Vereb who will guide you in the choice of museums and activities.


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Editorial IBSA

The IBSA Foundation for scientific research promotes authoritative and accessible science education for health protection and supports young students and researchers through Fellowships and many other dedicated events.

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