Editorial IBSA 15 April 2018 5 min read

Adriana Albini in the Board of Directors of AACR

On April 13th, Adriana Albini was elected in the Board of Directors of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), whose mission is to prevent and cure cancer through research, education, communication, and collaboration, for the 2018-2020 term. Adriana Albini is the first Italian member to join the AACR board since 1907, when the institution was founded. And she is the only woman among the 5 newly elected.

Adriana Albini, PhD, professor of pathology in the Medicine and Surgery department, University of Milan-Bicocca; head of Vascular Biology and Angiogenesis Laboratory, IRCCS MultiMedica and scientific director, Fondazione MultiMedica Onlus, Milan, Italy. We are very proud of her, being her a member of the IBSA Foundation Advisory Board.


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