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Editorial IBSA18 Sep 20191 min read

Informati e vaccinati at the science museum in Trento

Within the context of its partnership with MUSE – The Science Museum of Trento, set up in 2019, IBSA Foundation is promoting the presentation of the book “Informati e vaccinati” (“Be informed and get vaccinated“) by Pier Luigi Lopalco.

On September 18, IBSA Foundation attended the meeting entitled “MUSE a tutto libro“, an event where, starting with the presentation of recently-published books, the authors discussed scientific, social and contemporary subjects of public interest.

Onstage, alongside Pier Luigi Lopalco and Patrizia Famà, moderator of the event, there was Andrea Grignolio, IBSA Foundation’s guest and author of Storie sui Vaccini (“Stories about Vaccines“) which belongs the book series I ragazzi di Pasteur.

The subject of the event were vaccines: the history of the struggle between humans and microbes began with the birth of ancient civilizations, but the 20th century marked a substantial turning point thanks to global vaccination programs. Improvements in hygiene and lifestyles alone were not enough to overcome scourges like smallpox or polio. Lopalco and Grignolio offered a better understanding of what vaccines are, how they work and how safe they are, so that we don’t let microbes win!



MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, Trento


September 18, 2019

Attivitá 2019 muse a tutto libro

Editorial IBSA

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