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Editorial IBSA19 Oct 20231 min read

USI and IBSA Foundation Scholarships 2023

Six years after the launch of the new Faculty of Biomedical Sciences at USI (Università della Svizzera Italiana), the IBSA Foundation continues to support research and education.

Carrying out research means investing in the future and this is why the IBSA Foundation began
supporting medical students at USI in 2017.
At a ceremony on 16th October 2023, 50 scholarships were awarded to first-year and 67 to second-
year Master of Medicine students.

The Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Giovanni Pedrazzini, welcomed the large audience of young
students. He explained the award criteria in detail and emphasised that the scholarships offered by
the Foundation, worth 2,000 CHF each, are first and foremost a great opportunity for students and,
equally importantly, a way to attract talent from other countries to study medicine in the canton.   

«At the core of IBSA Foundation for scientific research’s philosophy is a very simple concept, of which I am firmly convinced: those who have gained much from life must give back, to the people and the world around them, part of what they have received».

This is the thought offered by IBSA Group President and CEO Arturo Licenziati to emphasise a
commitment to playing one’s part, just like the Foundation, which is at the forefront of encouraging
academic study by supporting university students. 

Also attending the ceremony were USI Dean Luisa Lambertini and IBSA Foundation Director Silvia Misiti.

The event ended with a meeting and discussion with the students. 



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Editorial IBSA

The IBSA Foundation for scientific research promotes authoritative and accessible science education for health protection and supports young students and researchers through Fellowships and many other dedicated events.

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