Catterina Seia

Member of the IBSA Foundation Advisory Board with an active role in the Cultura e Salute project. Co-Founder and Vice-President of the Fitzcarraldo Foundation since 2013, a leading research body dealing with the cultural policies of public entities, private bodies and public authorities. Since 2009, she has been Vice President of the Medicina a Misura di Donna Foundation, the body that promotes gender-specific health, based in the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department of the Sant’Anna Hospital in Turin (Italy). She set up and has been managing the first inter-disciplinary platform for research-action on the alliance between Art, health and social change for the Body since 2011. This platform is considered to be a role model for the commitment to the development of the virtuous relationship between cultural participation and the humanization of the healthcare and well-being of people and organizations. From 2011 to 2019, after having overseen research reports, she headed the Giornale delle Fondazioni. She is the scientific manager of Arte e Impresa, the newspaper of the Giornale dell’Arte and the monthly publication of studies Letture Lente by AgCult. She is also President and Associate Founder of CCW Cultural Welfare Center.

Blog Post by Catterina Seia

Catterina Seia 8 December 2021 17 min

Creative Ageing. Adding days to life and life to days

The role of culture in active ageing. Best practices from the Netherlands.
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Catterina Seia 12 October 2021 13 min

Reading: the road to a better quality of life

According to a Yale University study, people who read at least one chapter a day will live two years longer than those who do not read.
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Catterina Seia 15 September 2021 13 min

Dancing on the Stage of Life

Dance and well-being: experience, reflections and strategic guidelines from the EDN (European Dance Company Network) report.
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Catterina Seia 13 July 2021 10 min

The power of music. Social therapy.

Studies are increasingly showing that sound and music stimulate and regulate emotions, attention, cognitive functions, communication and behaviour.
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Catterina Seia 15 June 2021 12 min

A clapperboard for well-being

Cinema as a means of rehabilitation for caregivers, from a recent study undertaken during the pandemic.
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Catterina Seia 11 May 2021 9 min

Art makes me feel better

A recent report eprovides a snapshot of how the arts have enabled individuals face the pandemic in Europe.
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Catterina Seia 15 February 2021 13 min

New frontiers of science for Health: in the dialogue between Art, technological and digital innovation

Casa Paganini develops new technology and interactive multimedia systems combined with Art to assist with therapies and rehabilitation.
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Catterina Seia 20 December 2020 14 min

Play contributes to individual and collective wellbeing

Gamification is one of the trends of investment in health, applied to the awareness, prevention, monitoring and even treatment of diseases.
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Catterina Seia 8 November 2020 20 min

Aphasia. Culture to become human again.

Aphasia is a language disorder that normally occurs following a brain injury caused by a cerebral vascular accident (stroke) and results in the loss of ...
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Catterina Seia 22 July 2020 9 min

Neurodegenerative Diseases: Culture as Cure

Article, by Catterina Seia with Annalisa Cicerchia, on art projects oriented to well-being, inside and outside the places of culture and care
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Catterina Seia 23 June 2020 13 min

Towards Cultural Welfare

Article by Silvia Misiti and Catterina Seia on the growing popularity of cultural welfare neologism in future policies, not only cultural.
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Catterina Seia 31 May 2020 7 min

WHO Health Evidence Network: Report 2019

Translation of the WHO World Health Organization 2019 report - "What is the evidence on the role of the arts in improving well-being and health?
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Catterina Seia 10 May 2020 14 min

Culture and Health by Catterina Seia

Article by Catterina Seia on the Culture and Health Project carried out by IBSA Foundation with the culture department of the city of Lugano.
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