The Mission of IBSA Foundation for scientific research

Il progetto è patrocinato dalla Città di Lugano, Fondazione IBSA e USI. L’obiettivo è quello di approfondire temi scientifici attraverso i diversi linguaggi artistici ma anche quello di sostenere tutti le istituzioni e le persone che operano in ambito culturale.

Corso Universitario

IBSA Foundation in collaborazione con USI - Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio attiva il primo corso di insegnamento in Svizzera denominato «Cultura e Salute», rivolto agli studenti del Master e aperto alle facoltà di Scienze biomediche e, Comunicazione, cultura e società.


Centro di competenze

Creazione di un centro di competenze all’interno di IBSA Foundation dedicato a Cultura e Salute per incoraggiare una maggiore consapevolezza degli effetti della cultura sulla salute e il benessere delle persone.


Scientific outreach

IBSA Foundation for scientific research is committed to promoting authoritative scientific dissemination and the culture of frontier science, sharing principles and knowledge with a vocabulary accessible to all and encouraging the public to familiarize themselves with health-related issues. In order to dialogue and transmit scientific knowledge to a multigenerational audience, it also uses different languages such as those of the arts and comic strips.

Our scientific dissemination project includes a Blog, Science Beyond Frontiers which is updated weekly by the journalist and scientific communicator Paolo Rossi Castelli. The Blog reports on all the latest discoveries in the medical-scientific field, relating the news of frontier scientific research and using an authoritative, clear and effective language, enabling all readers to find out more.

Further areas of interest, Art and Science, two disciplines apparently far apart, but which allow the development of interesting exchanges contributing to the promotion of culture. To this end, we have launched several projects in collaboration with cultural institutions and the world of education. These include Let's Science! and La Scienza a regola d’Arte.

Cultura e Salute (meaning Culture and Health), the most recent project of scientific dissemination, aims to treat the existing opportunities to facilitate the use of Arts and Culture as tools for health promotion and disease prevention, support for paths of treatment and care relationships.

Part of an international scientific network

IBSA Foundation for scientific research contributes to the international scientific debate by organizing Forums relating to the latest results in scientific research in different fields of medicine, health and well-being aimed at scientists, researchers, but also at enthusiasts of the subject.

During these Forums, world-renowned scientists and experts intervene to face the new generations of researchers, creating authoritative insights and debates.

The Scientific Forums promoted by the IBSA Foundation for scientific research are dedicated to the most advanced frontiers of scientific research, such as artificial intelligence, aging, regenerative medicine, and the link between culture and health.

Support for scientific research

IBSA Foundation for scientific research supports young students and researchers through the annual Fellowship (scholarships) in different fields of basic scientific research and encourages academic study by supporting the Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Medicine of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI).


The term "Fellow" refers to one who begins to work in the laboratory. No longer a student and not yet a researcher. Fellowships are international scholarships that the IBSA Foundation for scientific research awards annually to young people who demonstrate that they qualify to become successful scientific researchers. Scholarships are given in those fields of research that are inadequately funded such as dermatology, endocrinology, fertility and urology, pain medicine, orthopaedics and rheumatology, and a Special Edition. The Special Edition 2020 was dedicated to research into Coronavirus infections (the Covid fellowship), while the Special Edition of the Fellowships 2021, is dedicated to regenerative medicine.

USI Scholarships

Since 2017, the IBSA Foundation for scientific research has established annual renewable scholarships as a contribution to encourage the academic studies in medicine of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) and to bring them closer to the world of scientific research. The USI Scholarships are scholarships for students enrolled in Bachelor's and Master's degree courses at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of the Università della Svizzera italiana.