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The role played by museums in society has changed. The old image of places dedicated to the collection, preservation and exhibition of works of art and objects of scientific and historical interest has been replaced with centers that act as true and proper hubs of knowledge, encouraging dialogue between cultures and inviting visitors to co-create, share and interact.

In this sense the encounter between IBSA Foundation and several Museums representing an important point of reference for the cities in which they are located and that are also deeply-rooted in their regions is only natural. Their common goal is to enter into dialogue with the general public, to make science accessible, to spread correct information and to make people understand how tomorrow’s world will be and what the most recent developments in scientific research and their applications have in store for us in the future.

The first collaboration established by the Foundation was with MASI (the Art Museum of the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland), resulting from the creation of the series of meetings known as “State-of-the-art Science”, which brings important representatives from the scientific and artistic worlds together to have a conversation. This was followed by the Foundation’s appointment as MASI’s Scientific Partner, working alongside the museum in the creation of new activities linked to the relationship between art and science and supporting specific exhibition projects, all for the benefit of the community and the Ticino region.

Two other partnership projects were also set up in 2019.

The collaboration with the National Museum of Science and Technology of Milan was initiated in the year that celebrates 500 years from the death of the Leonardo da Vinci, a key figure that managed to create a dialogue between science and the humanities while always focusing on man and hence a figure that truly represents the cultural ideals of IBSA Foundation.

Last in chronological order, but not least, is the agreement reached with the Science Museum of Trento (MUSE), a cultural point of reference of the city organized as a widespread network of museums and local sites at provincial level, which may also have a strong international appeal thanks to a project that pays particular attention to subjects such as science, innovation, environmental sustainability and education.

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