Healing through music

University Course Cultura e Salute 2022

Culture and Health 2022 - Healing through music

For seven Mondays from October to December, figures from the world of science and professors from the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, led by Enzo Grossi, will discuss seven themes that link music to medicine and personal wellbeing.

This is what "Healing through music" offers, the second stage of the Culture and Health course promoted by the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences in collaboration with the City of Lugano Cultural Division and the IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research, which this year features the collaboration of the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana.

The seven thematic lectures, open to the public, will take place from Monday 17 October to Monday 5 December, in the Polivalente Hall of the East Campus in Lugano from 6 to 7:00 p.m. They will involve students and PhD students from the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and from the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana – University of Music, as well as members of the public who wish to attend.

Each lecture will include an introductory key-note speech – which this year will be attended by an international guest speaker, who will be given the task of presenting the theme of the lecture based on their experience and expertise. This introduction will be followed by the testimony of another expert in the field on the subject (testimonial) who will speak about their experience "in the field". This will be followed by a discussion in which one or more USI professors will be involved as discussants.

Programma completo del corso

17.10.2022 - Prima lezione
Stato dell'arte della musica in medicina

Relatore: Suzanne B. Hanser, professoressa di musicoterapia, Berklee College of Music Boston (USA)
Discussione con: Prof. Davide Robbiani, direttore IRB e professore USI e Prof. Giuliano Bellorini, docente USI e Conservatorio “G. Verdi” Milano (I)

25.10.2021 - Seconda lezione
Abitare lo spazio
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08.11.2021 - Terza lezione
Un tuffo nel paesaggio
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15.11.2021 - Quarta lezione
La ricerca della felicità
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22.11.2021 - Quinta lezione
Specchio delle mie brame. Neuroni e empatia
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29.11.2021 - Sesta lezione
Elogio della bellezza
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06.12.2021 - Settima lezione
Musica, anima e corpo
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Nell’Aula polivalente del Campus Est a Lugano dalle 18:00 alle 19:30, ogni lunedì da ottobre a dicembre

Full course programme

The course aims to provide interpretive keys to the role exerted by music in the spheres of individual and social well-being, seen from a multidisciplinary perspective, as well as to stimulate the use of music in Ticino for therapeutic purposes. The Course will also provide an accurate review of experiences and good practices in the scientific and medical field at an international level, combined with the views of a number of key players in the scientific world at USI.

17.10.2022 - Lesson 1
The state of the art of Music in Medicine

Speaker: Suzanne B. Hanser, professor of Music Therapy, Berklee College of Music Boston (USA)
Discussants: Davide Robbiani, director of the IRB and professor at USI and Giuliano Bellorini, musician and musicologist, lecturer at USI and the “G. Verdi” Conservatory, Milan (I)

24.10.2022 - Lesson 2
Music medicine to counter pain, anxiety and stress

Speaker: Enzo Grossi, surgeon, lecturer and researcher
Testimonial: Alfredo Raglio,music therapist and researcher at the Maugeri IRCCS Clinical and Scientific Institutes, Pavia (I)
Discussant: Claudia Gamondi, USI lecturer and head of the EOC Palliative Care and Support Clinic

07.11.2022 - Lesson 3
Music education and psycho-cognitive development

Speaker: Luisa Lopez, doctor and neurophysiopathologist at the Villa Immacolata Care Home
Testimonial: Dawn Rose, senior researcher, Hochschule Luzern
Discussant: Giacomo Simonetti, USI professor, head of paediatrics at the Italian Swiss Paediatric Institute

14.11.2022 - Lesson 4
Music therapy in child neuropsychiatric setting and psychiatry

Speaker: Christian Gold, professor at NORCE Bergen (NOR)
Testimonial: Antoni Rodriguez-Fornells, researcher at CBPU and ICREA Barcelona (ES)
Discussant: Andrea Raballo, USI professor in psychiatric medicine

21.11.2022 - Lesson 5
Music as life companion for wellbeing throughout the lifespan

Speaker: Dr Liila Taruffi, researcher at Durham University (UK)
Testimonial: Paolo Paolantonio, musician and researcher at Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana
Discussant: Cristiana Sessa, USI professor and head of the EOC Department of Internal Medicine

28.11.2022 - Lesson 6
Music therapy for dementia and neurological rehabilitation

Speaker: Alfredo Raglio, music therapist and researcher at the Maugeri IRCCS Clinical and Scientific Institutes, Pavia (I)
Testimonial: Daniele Molteni, freelance expert in music therapy
Discussant: Luca Gabutti, USI professor and head of the EOC Department of Internal Medicine

05.12.2022 - Lesson 7
Music and social cohesion

Speaker: Steven Mithen, archaeologist, University of Reading (UK)
Testimonial: Deborah Parker, musician and music therapist, Associazione Prima Materia Montespertoli (I)
Discussant: Peter Schulz, USI professor, Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society

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