Paolo Rossi Castelli

Journalist since 1983, Paolo has been dealing with scientific divulgation for years, especially in the fields of medicine and biology. He is the creator of Sportello Cancro, the site created by on oncology in collaboration with the Umberto Veronesi Foundation. He collaborated with the pages of the Science of Corriere della Sera for several years. He is the founder and director of PRC-Comunicare la scienza.

Blog Post by Paolo Rossi Castelli

Paolo Rossi Castelli 5 January 2022 6 min

A molecule that illuminates ovarian cancer

US health authorities have given the ok to Pafolacianine, a drug that binds to a protein found in ovarian cancer cells and allows surgeons to identify them
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 29 December 2021 5 min

A new pain-relief strategy from Arizona

A molecule (currently known as 194) has been identified that seems to be as powerful as opiates, but without the negative effects ( non-addictive).
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 22 December 2021 14 min

The Alliance for a sustainable future involves Art, Music and Architecture.

Primo Forum svizzero “Cultura e Salute – Alleanza per un futuro sostenibile”: due giornate di confronto sull’umanizzazione della cura e dei suoi spazi.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 16 December 2021 5 min

Two new strategies to fight Alzheimer’s disease

Two new trials to fight Alzheimer have produced successful results. These are a vaccine and a soluble form of beta amyloid protein typical of Alzheimer’s.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 13 December 2021 4 min

New molecules regenerate nerve fibres

Breakthrough results have been achieved in the USA. It is still early days for using on spinal injuries, but it seems to offer promising research potential
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 2 December 2021 5 min

ALS, a new technique to block the wrong DNA

A therapy that can prevent DNA from copying genetic traits that may lead to hereditary forms of ALS has been successfully tested (so far only in the lab).
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 25 November 2021 6 min

Is sleep really only good for the brain?

New studies reveal that even living beings with no nervous system need to sleep. Other parts of the body are affected like immune and digestive systems.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 18 November 2021 5 min

A 'liquid' vest to measure breath

Researchers have created a high-tech fabric that can detect slightest vibration. It will be useful for athletes, singers, and patients in rehabilitation.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 11 November 2021 6 min

‘Friendly’ viruses to defeat the most dangerous bacteria

A recent study has reproposed the idea of using ‘phages’- viruses that are harmless to humans but often lethal for bacteria – instead of antibiotics.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 4 November 2021 9 min

A vaccine ingredient (in short supply) from Chile

The bark of the Quillaja Saponaria tree contains saponins used as ‘adjuvants’ in the Covid vaccines by Novavax. However, excess demand may cause problems.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 28 October 2021 6 min

Will DNA mapping be the future for all newborns?

This UK pilot project involves 200,000 children. Its aim is early-stage diagnosis of rare genetic disease. There are some controversial issues to resolve.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 21 October 2021 5 min

In the wake of COVID, a Hepatitis C vaccine is on the horizon

An American team has discovered how the hepatitis virus enters the liver: it resembles the approach used by COVID-19. Now a vaccine is possible.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 14 October 2021 5 min

A surprising fact: fires ‘fertilise’ oceans

An international team studied the effects of Australia’s bushfires. Ash released into the air by burning trees becomes food for phytoplankton on the sea.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 7 October 2021 8 min

New DNA-based Covid vaccines

An Indian pharmaceutical company has been given the go-ahead to market a COVID DNA vaccine, which may pave the way for an entirely new category of vaccines
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 30 September 2021 9 min

Arthrosis, cells from the nose to treat knees

A successful experiment at Basel hospital on two young patients with a serious form of arthrosis. Cells from the nasal septum were implanted in the knee.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 23 September 2021 7 min

Immunotherapy: testing to see if it works in advance

Some patients gain no benefit from cancer therapies, for reasons as yet unknown. US researchers have identified a marker to avoid unnecessary treatments.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 9 September 2021 7 min

Personalised oncological treatment with a special ‘sandwich’

A new device allows simulation of the effect of oncological treatment for various types of cancers and selection of the most effective for each patient.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 2 September 2021 5 min

Can intestinal bacteria help in the fight against tumours?

The substances produced by some types of microorganisms present in the intestine (microbiota) might improve the effect of oncological immunotherapy.
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