Giacinto Di Pietrantonio 16 May 2023 9 min

The mirror as a symbol and metaphor in art and modern society

The mirror is a fascinating object that has always influenced the culture and art of many populations. But is this still the case today?
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Giacinto Di Pietrantonio 19 December 2022 21 min

auroraMeccanica - Narrative Space Studio

auroraMeccanica, an Italian artists’ collective, create interactive video installations that focus on the user and their participation.
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Giacinto Di Pietrantonio 28 November 2022 9 min

For he’s a jolly good fellow

History of inventions & artistic creations is dotted with logical research and chance; discoveries sometimes made while having a coffee or a glass of wine.
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Giacinto Di Pietrantonio 11 October 2022 10 min

Sustainable digital lightness

Ecology is a theme that is widely addressed by various artists. But are all art forms really sustainable?
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Giacinto Di Pietrantonio 6 July 2022 17 min

NFT: a New and Fascinating Trend

NFTs are increasingly becoming a part of popular culture and an art form involving various fields like business, music, science and sports.
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Giacinto Di Pietrantonio 1 March 2022 8 min

The lighter side of digital technologies

Digital art is now fully part of the discussion on new forms of contemporary art . Neil Mendozause both ‘traditional’ and ‘new’ digital techniques.
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Giacinto Di Pietrantonio 1 February 2022 10 min

Infinite development

Digital art increasingly blurs the fine line between artist and observer. Chromata, one of Michael Bromley’s interactive works, is an example.
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Giacinto Di Pietrantonio 26 October 2021 11 min

Ars Electronica: Art from the Future

Ars Electronica a project that started with a festival in 1979, with the aim of giving a new definition to the idea of art using technology.
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Giacinto Di Pietrantonio 17 August 2021 17 min

Is Art digital or not?

Digital art is a form of expression that intrigues artists with its own prizes, biennial festivals and museum exhibitions.
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