Cultura e Salute Studies Course

The university course forms part of the wider framework of the Cultura e Salute (Culture and Health) project, initiated by the IBSA Foundation in 2020, with the Culture Division of Lugano City, to promote exchanges between humanistic and scientific knowledge, the Foundation’s mission.

Il progetto è patrocinato dalla Città di Lugano, Fondazione IBSA e USI. L’obiettivo è quello di approfondire temi scientifici attraverso i diversi linguaggi artistici ma anche quello di sostenere tutti le istituzioni e le persone che operano in ambito culturale.

A new educational thread

The first course in Culture and Health, introduced in the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences in 2021, opens a new, highly topical and  practical educational thread intended to investigate the benefits existing between ‘living’ culture and a person’s state of health.

The aim of the course is to analyse the role that art and cultural participation in general play in the physical and mental wellbeing of an individual and the community, to provide the keys to interpreting the function played by culture in the sphere of health through revisiting experiences and best practices in the scientific and medical sphere.

Lessons with different themes year by year, open to the public, students and post-graduates of the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences will be at the centre of the meetings with the intervention of people from science and experts in a continuous discussion of the topics linking art, culture and medicine to people’s wellbeing.

The intention is, therefore, to offer medical, and other, students a useful tool, with the aid of local bodies, partners and exceptional speakers, for the thorough understanding of the context they move in and to spread awareness that culture, in all forms, can really be treatment. 

2022 edition - Healing through music

People from the world of science and lecturers from the USI Faculty of  Biomedical Sciences, co-ordinated by Prof Enzo Grossi, have discussed seven topics linking music to medicine and people’s wellbeing on seven Mondays from October to December 2022.


Centro di competenze

Creazione di un centro di competenze all’interno di IBSA Foundation dedicato a Cultura e Salute per incoraggiare una maggiore consapevolezza degli effetti della cultura sulla salute e il benessere delle persone.


2021 edition

Seven meetings in which speakers discussed how art and cultural participation influence an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing, presenting new perspectives on the privileged relationship between the two spheres.


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