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Digital Aesthetics

The National Science and Technology Museum (MUST) of Milan features a permanent programme of digital art installations to stimulate reflection on new digital languages. It also offers a means of exploring relations with artificial intelligence, and the links between technological innovation and creative artistic processes.

The aim of the joint venture with MUST is to foster new scenarios for reflecting on and exploring two seemingly distant worlds, namely humanistic knowledge and scientific knowledge, and to identify any links and overlapping points between them.

IBSA Foundation for scientific research is contributing towards the project by supporting four digital installations: "The Wall of Sound" di panGenerator, "La Gabbia" by aurorameccanica, "Robotic voice-activated word kicking machine" by Neil Mendoza and "Chromata" by Michael Bromley.

The works inspire and foster deeper reflection for a wide audience: students, teachers and adults all take part in workshops in the laboratories, offering opportunities for interacting with artists and creatives.

More information on how to visit the digital installations on the dedicated page of the MUST website.

They talk about the project

Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Art-addicted curator, and Patrizia Cerutti, STEM Education Program Director at the Leonardo Da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology, talk about the "Digital Aesthetics" project.

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