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SciArt SwitzerlAnd

A project on Art and Science by IBSA Foundation for scientific research and MASI Lugano, Museo d'arte della Svizzera italiana


To create a stimulating dialogue between two fields that are distant and united at the same time in order to promote scientific culture within an international research path on Science and Art.

It is with this goal that SciArt SwitzerlAnd, a project of IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research and MASI Lugano, Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana, was born. 

Through different event formats and digital products, SciArt SwitzerlAnd intends to cast its gaze on those artists' works that have been transformed through interaction with scientists, discoveries and research institutions.

Science and art have always coexisted across time and space. Though with different methodologies and purposes, artists and artists, scientists and scientists, observe the world around them, opening us to new perspectives, interpretations and meanings.

The public will be able to get close to fascinating creations born from the encounter between these two dimensions, and hear from the living voices of the artists and female artists how science, technology and research have inspired their work.

SciArt SwitzerlAnd is connected to the series of dialogues "La scienza a regola d'Arte" concluded in 2022, the result of the fruitful collaboration between IBSA Foundation and MASI Lugano.

The new project fits perfectly within the mission of the Foundation, which since 2012 has been committed to spreading an authoritative scientific culture, sharing principles and knowledge in accessible language, and raising awareness of issues related to science, culture, and the well-being of the individual.

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