Catterina Seia 28 February 2023 7 min

Voices of Culture: The contribution of arts sectors to young people’s mental health

The EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027 has dedicated the fifth of its 11 aims to mental health and wellbeing.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 23 February 2023 17 min

ChatGPT AI passes the medical licensing examination in the US

ChatGPT answered 350 questions used in tests for students to qualify for the medical profession. Some hospitals are already using it to rewrite reports.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 16 February 2023 15 min

Preventing and treating glaucoma, a new hi-tech medical device is on the way

Hi-tech contact lenses against glaucoma. This is the latest invention developed by Pohang University of Science and Technology (South Korea).
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Catterina Seia 14 February 2023 11 min

Music comes to care homes for the elderly and the musicians feel better.

Interview with Paolo Paloantonio, winner of the Culture and Health call for case studies with the research paper 'Art for ages. Music in the community'.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 9 February 2023 16 min

Artificial intelligence in medicine goes straight to the heart

This portable ultrasound scanner for the heart is the same size and as thin as a band-aid. Thanks to AI, the heart muscle can be ‘seen’ in any situation.
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Editorial IBSA 6 February 2023 6 min

Parole Fertili, an increasingly international project

The Parole Fertili (Fertile Words) project continues to evolve thanks to a collaboration with IBSA Foundation and a new story-sharing site.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 2 February 2023 15 min

How can we interpret new-borns’ ‘random’ movements?

Tracked' the way new-borns' move their arms and legs, apparently for no reason. These are actually brain 'exercises' to explore the surrounding space.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 26 January 2023 15 min

Cyborg bacteria for new cancer treatments

Modified E-coli cells to make them more resistant and able to enter tumours, without replicating. They can also be used for a range of other purposes.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 19 January 2023 16 min

A new technique for early action against strokes and heart attacks

An experimental technique combines MRIs with mathematical models to identify the geometry of fat deposits and predict the risk of them fragmenting.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 12 January 2023 16 min

A breakthrough for sports and more: stem cells to repair tendons

Cutting-edge technique pioneered by Columbia University in New York. It focuses on the enthesis, the membrane that attaches the tendon to the bone.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 5 January 2023 15 min

Postnatal depression: a test to prevent it

One woman in every eight suffers from postnatal depression. Research is investigating the inflammatory state due to an immune system imbalance.
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Catterina Seia 27 December 2022 13 min

CultureForHealth: 8 major social challenges that art and culture can overcome

The first report of CultureForHealth (C4H), preparatory action for integrated culture and health policies, has been presented to the European Commission.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 23 December 2022 16 min

Safer heart bypasses thanks to algae

Experiments with a sugar extracted from marine plants, which allows the inner walls of artificial bypasses to behave like natural ones.
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Giacinto Di Pietrantonio 19 December 2022 21 min

auroraMeccanica - Narrative Space Studio

auroraMeccanica, an Italian artists’ collective, create interactive video installations that focus on the user and their participation.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 15 December 2022 18 min

Migraines: does the cause lie in the spaces around blood vessels?

The focus is on the fluid-filled microcavities that surround blood vessels in the brain and which appear altered in severe migraine sufferers.
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Paolo Rossi Castelli 9 December 2022 18 min

Steps forward for transfusions thanks to red blood cells made in the laboratory.

The first human trial of a cutting-edge technique that could revolutionise the world of transfusions, even for rarer groups, has taken place in the UK.
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Catterina Seia 29 November 2022 22 min

What if growing old wasn’t boring. 20 suggestions for care homes.

Art and participation in the arts play a major role in fighting cognitive decline and promoting the well-being of older people in particular.
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Giacinto Di Pietrantonio 28 November 2022 9 min

For he’s a jolly good fellow

History of inventions & artistic creations is dotted with logical research and chance; discoveries sometimes made while having a coffee or a glass of wine.
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