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Editorial IBSA01 Feb 202417 min read

New Frontiers in cancer and healthy aging

The upcoming scientific Forum titled "New Frontiers in Cancer and Healthy Aging," organized by IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research in collaboration with ...
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Editorial IBSA21 Jun 20237 min read

New Frontiers in biological and environmental determinants of aging

New Frontiers in biological and environmental determinants of aging Forum in Bellinzona.
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Editorial IBSA21 Jun 20237 min read

Culture and Longevity

The Forum entitled “Culture and Longevity” in Zurich will bring together international experts from various disciplines to discuss aging.
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Editorial IBSA15 Mar 20236 min read

Personalized therapy in oncology

The Personalized therapy in oncology Special Forum was held June 16 in Lugano as part of the International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (ICML).
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Editorial IBSA16 Mar 20224 min read

New frontiers in regenerative medicine

New frontiers in regenerative medicine - IBSA Foundation Forum April 2022
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Editorial IBSA23 Dec 20219 min read

Forum 2021 "An alliance for a sustainable future"

The two days of the Alliance for a Sustainable Future Forum focused on the humanization of healthcare and its spaces, as well as on the presentation of ...
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Editorial IBSA21 Jun 20212 min read

Vaccines and monoclonals to regain our freedom with Professor Rino Rappuoli

IBSA Foundation Special Forum 2021: vaccines and monoclonals are the best weapon available to save lives, safeguard the economy and regain our freedom.
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Editorial IBSA09 Oct 20197 min read

Artificial Intelligence & Pharmaceutical landscape

Artificial Intelligence is gaining more and more importance in the pharmaceutical sector, deeply transforming the drug discovery process.
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Editorial IBSA21 Jun 20197 min read

Revolutionary therapies for cancer

What is the most advanced research in the oncology sector? What truly new frontiers are being opened in the fight against cancer?
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Editorial IBSA13 Oct 201814 min read

Scientific views on migrations

The migration requires a complex interpretation that brings into play different fields: history, anthropology, palaeontology and law.
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Editorial IBSA12 Apr 20189 min read

The new nutrition era: molecules and human health

The Forum "The new nutrition era: from molecular mechanisms to human health", organized by the IBSA Foundation in Milan
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Editorial IBSA07 Sep 20172 min read

Female Healthy Aging

The most advanced remedies to overcome disturbances and to live in good health during menopause: this is the topic that was discussed by...
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Editorial IBSA16 Jun 20173 min read

Basic mechanisms of cancer immunotherapy

With immunotherapy it is possible to treat forms of tumor, which until recently were difficult to take care of with classic therapies
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Editorial IBSA09 Sep 20162 min read

Technologies to treat neurodisorders: neuroprosthetics

Pioneering prostheses are going to dramatically improve quality of life for millions of patients, as are new treatments based on brain stimulation
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Editorial IBSA15 Apr 20163 min read

The thyroid… in the periphery!

Are we on the verge of a new era in thyroid gland knowledge and understanding its potential for treatment of diseases?
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Editorial IBSA26 Sep 20153 min read

Oncological immunology arrives at the clinic

Immunotherapy has opened up a whole new era in cancer treatment. It works by harnessing the immune system to fight off cancer
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Editorial IBSA03 Jul 20153 min read

Stress, Inflammation and Reproduction

Stress affects psychological health and the immune system causing inflammation that interferes with the reproductive function
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Editorial IBSA09 May 20154 min read

Sexual Health and Sexual Ecology

Medical specialists and researchers were brought together for an-depth discussion of the various aspects involved in sexual health.
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