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Editorial IBSA20 Apr 202310 min read

2022 Fellowship Winners

The tenth edition of the IBSA Foundation Fellowships has ended with the awarding of six fellowships. Here are the winners and their projects.
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Editorial IBSA14 Apr 20225 min read

2021 Fellowship Winners

The ninth IBSA Foundation Fellowships edition concluded with the awarding of six fellowships.
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Editorial IBSA15 Apr 20216 min read

2020 Fellowships Winners

The winners of IBSA Foundation Fellowships Call 2020
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Editorial IBSA15 Apr 20205 min read

2019 Fellowships Winners

The seventh edition of the IBSA Foundation Fellowships has concluded with the awarding of five fellowships worth 30,000 euros each.
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Editorial IBSA28 Mar 20194 min read

2018 Fellowships Winners

On March 28, in Milan, IBSA Foundation has awarded the four winners of the 2018 IBSA Fellowships for their high-profile research projects.
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Editorial IBSA22 Mar 20183 min read

2017 Fellowships Winners

The IBSA Foundation Fellowships awarded on 22 March in Lugano will finance five research projects in 2018.
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Editorial IBSA23 Mar 20174 min read

2016 Fellowships Winners

Five young researchers have been selected by IBSA Foundation as winners of the Fellowships IBSA 2016.
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Editorial IBSA25 Mar 20162 min read

2015 Fellowships Winners

A bridge between young scientists’ ideas and their realization through projects. This is the opportunity given by the IBSA Foundation
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Editorial IBSA24 Mar 20152 min read

2014 Fellowships Winners

Now in its third year, the IBSA Foundation’s fellowship program is a commitment the Foundation is particularly proud of, considering the very tangible results ...
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Editorial IBSA23 Apr 20143 min read

2013 Fellowships Winners

Anna Scanu and Jingjing Chen are the first in what hopefully over the years will become a long string of researchers winning the fellowships
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