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Editorial IBSA21 Sep 20233 min read

IBSA Foundation celebrates the grand opening of its new headquarters: Casa Carlo Cattaneo in Lugano

The grand opening of IBSA Foundation's new headquarters, Casa Carlo Cattaneo, in the presence of the mayor of Lugano and local dignitaries.
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Editorial IBSA14 Mar 20233 min read

A new beginning for IBSA Foundation

The IBSA Foundation with ten years of activity at the back continues its projects and initiatives in the name of scientific research in a new location.
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Editorial IBSA16 Nov 20201 min read

The Other End of a Black Hole with James Beacham

Join Dr. James Beacham, particle physicist at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, as he explores what happens when the fabric of reality - physical or societal ...
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Editorial IBSA20 Apr 20201 min read

IBSA Foundation and MUSE per #iorestoacasa

The program MUSE per #iorestoacasa offers a wide range of projects for being together "from a distance", with lots of news and learning opportunities to feed ...
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Editorial IBSA26 Mar 20201 min read

#storieaportechiuse: the Museum is going digital

The project that IBSA Foundation is supporting alongside the Museum is #storieaportechiuse, a daily event on social media, telling several of the most ...
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Editorial IBSA15 Feb 20201 min read

James Beacham at the Open Night in Milan

IBSA Foundation will be participating in the Open Night - Happy Birthday Museum. The event, organized by the Museum within the celebrations of the Museum's ...
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Editorial IBSA09 Oct 20194 min read

Convivium "Futuro + umano"

We need to start from life itself and from the most human aspects of life to search for clues for a better world, with Artificial Intelligence.
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Luca Nicola30 Sep 20194 min read

Artificial Intelligence enhances and strengthens our human existence

On the 2019 Digital Day, Francesco Morace discussed the relationship between ethics and digital, and new perspectives of AI.
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Editorial IBSA18 Sep 20191 min read

Informati e vaccinati at the science museum in Trento

Within the context of its partnership with MUSE in Trento, IBSA Foundation is promoting the presentation of the book "Informati e vaccinati".
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Editorial IBSA03 Sep 20193 min read

Ethics & Digital

During the "Ethics & Digital" workshop, Francesco Morace, sociologist and President of Future Concept Lab, talked about the digital change of our lives.
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Editorial IBSA21 May 20193 min read

Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence: humanity in the digital era

The workshop "Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence" held on Tuesday, May 21, at 18:30 at the Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia of Milan.
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Editorial IBSA11 Feb 20191 min read

Theo Jansen for the first time in Lugano

IBSA Foundation has entered into an important partnership with the National Museum of Science and Technology, named after Leonardo da Vinci.
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Editorial IBSA14 Sep 2018< 1 min read

Workshop: The Male Diet

The meeting provided the opportunity to show how men are also becoming more and more aware of the importance of paying attention to what they eat
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Editorial IBSA16 Apr 2018< 1 min read

Adriana Albini in the Board of Directors of AACR

On April 13th, Adriana Albini was elected in the Board of Directors of the American Association for Cancer Research, whose mission is to prevent and cure ...
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Editorial IBSA24 Nov 20172 min read

India according to Federico and Costanza Rampini

the journalist and writer Federico Rampini met with his daughter Costanza, an environmental scientist who lived in India for several years, at the LAC in ...
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Editorial IBSA06 Sep 2017< 1 min read

EFIC IBSA Foundation Publication Award 2016

The 10th Congress of the European Pain Federation held in Copenhagen, Denmark on 6-9 september 2017 hosted the ceremony of the EFIC- IBSA Foundation ...
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Editorial IBSA02 May 20172 min read

The prizegiving of “Bufale in rete: come riconoscerle!"

“Bufale in rete: come riconoscerle!” (“Hoaxes on the web: how to recognize them!”). The contest, promoted by IBSA Foundation and Istituto Pasteur Italia
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Editorial IBSA26 Jan 20174 min read

E- Health between hoaxes and the truth

At the basis of this meeting between experts, scholars, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, and patient associations was the first Guide to Health Literacy
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