Editorial IBSA 2 August 2022 16 min

Let’s Science! Lugano 2022 - 5° edition

Let's Science! has reached its fifth edition in 2022: an appointment for young and adults from 12 to 17 September 2022 at Villa Saroli in Lugano.
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Editorial IBSA 30 August 2021 6 min

Let’s Science! the book series - new volumes

Let’s Science! is a book series devised by Middle School students, researchers, scientists and cartoonists. The cartoon, an ideal language for science.
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Editorial IBSA 25 August 2021 18 min

Let’s Science! Lugano 2021

This year, Let’s Science! has reached the fourth edition. The date for young and old is at Villa Saroli, Lugano, on 6-11 September 2021.
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Editorial IBSA 15 November 2019 40 min

"An astronaut among us" with Paolo Nespoli

Paolo Nespoli was the star guest of the special event An astronaut among us, which took place on November 16 at the LAC in Lugano.
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Editorial IBSA 11 November 2019 110 min

Let’s Science! Lugano 2019

The third edition of Let's Science! Lugano, the creative journey through science promoted by the IBSA Foundation in collaboration with DECS, ended.
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Editorial IBSA 18 October 2019 59 min

Let’s Science! Festival della Crescita 2019 – Milan

The appointment with Let's Science! closed in Milan and the Pillola di Teatro initiative inspired by the CSR project “Parole Fertili" was presented.
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Editorial IBSA 16 November 2018 44 min

Let’s Science! Lugano 2018

Let’s Science! came to Lugano with a particularly educational goal and a weekly programme dedicated to middle school students
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Luca Nicola 12 January 2018 3 min

Let’s Science!: 8 common sense rules for surviving fake news on the internet.

According to the scientific journalist Gianluca Dotti, there are several precautions that we should take every time we encounter a piece of news on social ...
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Editorial IBSA 9 January 2018 88 min

Let’s Science! Comics, meetings and insights in Milan

A project created by the IBSA Foundation and designed to converse with the city, institutions and the media on the great topic of fake news
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