Editorial IBSA 15 April 2021 12 min

2020 Fellowships Winners

The winners of IBSA Foundation Fellowships Call 2020
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Editorial IBSA 7 April 2021 5 min

2020 Fellowships: the Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony of Felloships: 2020 Call. All the information about the event
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Editorial IBSA 14 April 2020 29 min

2019 Fellowships Winners

The seventh edition of the IBSA Foundation Fellowships has concluded with the awarding of five fellowships worth 30,000 euros each.
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Editorial IBSA 27 March 2019 49 min

2018 Fellowships Winners

On March 28, in Milan, IBSA Foundation has awarded the four winners of the 2018 IBSA Fellowships for their high-profile research projects.
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Luca Nicola 9 May 2018 1 min

The IBSA Foundation researchers: Ruth speaking

Her name is Ruth Egbe and studies how to develop effective pain relief after surgery. His research will be useful to alleviate the post-operative course...
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Luca Nicola 2 May 2018 1 min

The IBSA Foundation researchers: Mauro speaking

His name is Mauro Cozzolino and he studies are focused on fertility. His research aims at stimulating the “dormant” follicles left in the ovarian reserve that ...
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Luca Nicola 23 April 2018 1 min

The IBSA Foundation researchers: Carlotta speaking

Her name is Carlotta Perucca Orfei and her project aims to study the potential of therapies based on the use of secretoma of mesenchymal cells for the ...
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Luca Nicola 17 April 2018 1 min

The IBSA Foundation researchers: Fabio speaking

His name is Fabio Maino and he is specialised in endocrinology. His research si focused on a new therapy combining T3 and T4 hormones aimed at resolving the ...
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Luca Nicola 5 April 2018 1 min

The IBSA Foundation researchers: Daniela speaking

Her name is Daniela Gnani and he studies epigenetics, a branch of molecular biology that investigates genetic mutations and the transmission of inherited ...
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Editorial IBSA 21 March 2018 31 min

2017 Fellowships Winners

The IBSA Foundation Fellowships awarded on 22 March in Lugano will finance five research projects in 2018.
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Editorial IBSA 22 March 2017 35 min

2016 Fellowships Winners

Five young researchers have been selected by IBSA Foundation as winners of the Fellowships IBSA 2016.
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Editorial IBSA 24 March 2016 49 min

2015 Fellowships Winners

A bridge between young scientists’ ideas and their realization through projects. This is the opportunity given by the IBSA Foundation
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Editorial IBSA 23 March 2015 42 min

2014 Fellowships Winners

Now in its third year, the IBSA Foundation’s fellowship program is a commitment the Foundation is particularly proud of, considering the very tangible results ...
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Editorial IBSA 22 April 2014 29 min

2013 Fellowships Winners

Anna Scanu and Jingjing Chen are the first in what hopefully over the years will become a long string of researchers winning the fellowships
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